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Sarasota Electrical Services

New Construction

Everyone benefits from having a professional electrician review architectural plans before the first shovel is put into the dirt. Be confident that the experienced team at Majors Electrical Services will make sure that your new home delivers the power: where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it.

Remodels and Additions

The marriage between existing construction and new construction, be it a remodel or a full-blown addition, is all about the details. We work closely with other professionals and tradespeople on our jobsites, from architects and kitchen designers to landscapers and city inspectors, to ensure that your construction project goes off without a hitch. Majors Electrical Services has the expertise that comes from years of paying attention to the details of each project, assuring you that your job will be done right, the first time.

Home Automation

Home automation, making your home “smart,” used to be the stuff of Saturday morning cartoons. No longer. Majors Electrical Service offers you the ability to automatically control nearly all the lights, appliances, air conditioning, and other electronic devices in your home, which means that your home will be secure, well-lit, and energy efficient, even when you’re not there. Bring your home into the twenty-first century with a little help from the experienced professionals at Majors Electrical Services.

Electrical Repairs

Flickering bulbs, frayed wires, outdated circuitry are all signs of deferred electrical maintenance, and, potentially, a significant problem, which could result in electrocution or fire. The consequences of improper electrical maintenance can be devastating, so please call us today if you have any concerns about the electrical service in your home.

Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels are often replaced or upgraded due to outdated/unsafe equipment, to keep current with new safety regulations, or to provide additional power to the home. Renovations or additions often require a larger electrical panel. The skilled and experienced professionals at Majors Electrical Services will advise you on the correct course of action, and then properly install a new panel, ensuring that your new wiring is up to code and won’t cause a hazardous situation in the future.

Interior Lighting

The right lighting makes a big difference in your ability to use and enjoy your home, and each room has its own priorities, from the kitchen and bathrooms, to the bedrooms and the garage. Perhaps you want to illuminate pieces of a prized collection with precise spotlighting, or you might need to create a cozy, brightly lit nook for pursuing your favorite hobby or craft—Majors Electrical Services is experienced in the installation of all manner of interior lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, track lighting, recessed lighting, up lighting, down lighting, and spot lighting, as well as other hardwired fixtures like ceiling fans or circuit breakers to protect valuable (and vulnerable) electronics. Whether decorative or purely functional, straightforward or complex—when it comes to professional lighting design and installation, we do it all.

Exterior Lighting

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from properly designed and installed exterior lighting for all your outdoor spaces, including outdoor kitchens and patios. The licensed professionals at Majors Electrical Services can install and service post lights, security lighting, pathway lighting, and other exterior lighting to ensure that you, your family, your and friends are as comfortable and safe outside as you are inside.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting opens up access to your property, allowing you to create your own backyard oasis. To design lighting to naturally illuminate notable features in the landscape—a tree, a statue, a pond—is as much an art as it is a science, combining the magical play of light and shadows with the very real need for safety in all the areas of your property. Majors Electrical Services is experienced in the fine art of landscape lighting, and will install lovely, eco-friendly landscape lighting that is as functional as it is attractive.

Spas and Swimming Pools

Who wants to stop having fun just because it’s dark? Whether you want to relax in your soothing spa after a long day or are planning a boisterous after-hours pool party, lighting is a vital element of your spa or swimming pool design, enhancing your pleasure as it expands your ability to utilize your (substantial) investment in your property. Not only is your pool or spa enhanced by lighting, appropriate lighting and durable fixtures are absolutely necessary. We at Majors Electrical Services are well versed in determining not only the amount of light you need in your unique spa/pool situation but we know the best way to deliver that light.


This is Florida. We’ve all seen images—in Florida, and in America and elsewhere in the world—of life without power after a weather event. Even in our modern environment, it’s not hard to imagine the challenges of going days or even weeks without electricity. Having a backup generator ready to go at a moment’s notice, a backup generator that is appropriate to both the size of your home and the specific needs of your family, is true peace of mind. Let the experienced professionals at Majors Electrical Services help you select the best generator for your needs, install it correctly, and show you the ins and outs of proper operation and maintenance practices. Should the worst happen, you’ll be ready.

Solar PV and Battery Systems

A solar PV (photovoltaic) system could provide you and your family with decades of clean, predictable, low-cost energy. Majors Electrical Services can help you save thousands of dollars on your energy bills while demonstrating sustainability. Our expert team of solar project designers and engineers will provide a solar feasibility assessment, and then advise you about how to finance your solar project to take advantage of federal and local incentives. Our team will design your system with the most competitive lifetime cost of energy ($/kilowatt-hour), taking into account your utility rate factor and the amount of sunshine available on your rooftop or property.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Majors Electrical Services offers 24 hour emergency service to all of our customers.

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  • Electrical Repairs
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  • Landscape Lighting
  • Spas and Swimming Pools
  • Generators
  • Solar PV and Battery Systems
Commercial Services

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  • Parking Lot Light Installation and Maintenance
  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Light Level Reading
  • Generator Standby Systems
  • Indoor/outdoor timers
  • Panel Upgrades
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  • Data and Network Cable
  • Troubleshooting
  • Solar PV and Battery Systems
  • Novar Energy Management Systems

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